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Dive Team Info


Important Dates

May 31-June 3: First days of practice. Dive reps on deck to answer questions.

June 12: Exhibition Meet at HOME, 9 am

June 19: HOME meet with Regency Estates, 9 am (warm-ups 8 am) Theme: Cuda Blue

June 21: Last day of Before School Out practice schedule (subject to change)

June 22: Start of After School Out practice schedule (subject to change)

June 26: AWAY meet @ Manor Woods, 9 am (warm-ups 8:30 am) Theme: Halloween

July 3: HOME meet with North Chevy Chase, 9 am (warm-ups 8:30am) Theme: USA

July 10: AWAY meet with Flower Valley, 4 pm  (warm-ups 3 pm) Theme: Prom

July 17: HOME meet with Mill Creek Towne, 9 am (warm-ups 8:30 pm) Theme: Tie Dye

July 22: Division II Championship Meet (Divisionals), TBA 

Addresses for AWAY meets:

MW: 14410 Bauer Dr., Rockville

FV: 4510 Flower Valley Dr., Rockville

About the Montgomery County Dive League

The Montgomery County Dive League is a developmental dive league designed to provide young divers with the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance previous achievements, and develop as strong league leaders, while having fun. 

The MCDL is grounded on two fundamental principles; safety and sportsmanship. 

Divers compete against other children of the same age in several categories, divided by boys and girls: 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18. 

The divers learn the basic front and back jumps and dives, and then more complicated somersault, reverse, inward and twisting dives. Points are awarded to the teams for their first-, second-,and third- place finishes within each age group.

Carderock Cudas will participate in MCDL and we will be responsible to follow the rules of any MoCo waivers that have been issued to MCL in regard to holding meets. These protocols will be shared as they are made available.

Carderock Dive Team

Dive team is for children and young adults from 5-18 years old. No prior diving experience necessary. The Carderock Dive Coaches will work with new divers to teach them to safely perform basic dives, and then work with them daily to strengthen the execution of their dives.

Registration is open now. Divers may also join swim team provided they meet the swim team eligibility requirements or pre-team.


You will attend at the practice time for your age group. Once school is out, you may come in the morning OR afternoon, but you may not attend both. You will choose morning or afternoon practice at the time of registration. Attendance at the morning practices is strongly encouraged. 

May 31-June 16

Practices Before School Ends 

Afternoon practice will be offered 4 days each week, Monday - Thursday, but may be subject to change and may be reduced to 2 days during this time frame if group sizes are too large or unsafe.

13+ 400-445PM
U8 445-530PM
9-10 530-615PM
11-12 615-700PM

June 20-July 14, No practice July 4

Morning Practices After School is Out, Monday - Thursday Mornings. On Fridays come for Water Polo & Donuts, a joint swim/dive activity. 

13+ 9-945AM
U12 945-1030AM

Afternoon Practice After School is Out, Monday - Thursday

NOTE: On June 22 & 29 there are no will be no practices after 530pm due to home swim meets. The schedule may be altered on those days, TBD.

13+ 400-445PM
U8 445-530PM
9-10 530-615PM
11-12 615-700PM

Regarding  MCDL divisionals/all stars, there will be additional practices for those who qualify. 

FEES (You sign up for the season; there are no pro-rates)

Early Bird registration is $175 through May 5, 2022.

Regular Registration Fee: $210, for registrations completed May 6 - May 28.

Registration closes May 28.

Groups size is limited. Once registration fills up, we will take a waitlist. If we can increase capacity and add divers we will, but this is not guaranteed. Early registration is strongly encouraged. 


Parent Involvement  MCDL is a VOLUNTEER run league. We need the help of all parents to help the program run smoothly. Each meet needs a referee, 5 judges, 4 table workers, and an announcer. Parent Volunteers are essential to make the meets happen! Please note that each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 2 times each season. Each roll listed below fulfills 1 of the required slots. In order to have a successful season, we need parent volunteers for the following

  • Meet Referee - Instructs judges and coaches before the meet. Makes decisions relative to the execution of dives in line with the rule book. (Referee clinics are offered pre-season to become certified.)
  • Meet Judge - Scores each dive. No previous diving experience necessary. Judges will be trained! (Judging clinics are offered pre-season to become certified.)
  • Meet Table Worker - Inspects dive sheets for accuracy, records judges scores, computes scores. (No official training required)
  • Meet Announcer - Announces diver, dive number, the dive, position, and degree of difficulty.

Judges/Referees Clinic Schedule - See Officials Training tab


What dives are required?

How are dives scored?

What are the different parts of the dive that are scored?

What should a dive look like?

What are the degrees of difficulty of the dives?

For answers to these questions, click on the MCDL handbook. ***note-we will update this link when MCDL finalizes the 2021 edition.



Amie O'Donoghue -amieo1620@gmail.com

Lisa Adelson - lisa_adelson@aol.com

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