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2024 Swim Coaches

Please see this page for information about private lessons with a coach.


Rachel Borczuch

240-676-0481[email protected]


Hi everyone! I am incredibly honored to join the Cudas this summer. I was with the Calverton Chargers as a swimmer for 12 years, a coach in training for 6 years, and an assistant coach for 5 years. I also swam year-round for many years with the Fairland AquaticSwim Team (FAST) and was on the Paint Branch High School Swim Team, where I was a captain and a student coach. When I'm not at the pool, I work with the Strathmore Children's Chorus and the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras of Strathmore. I also freelance as a local theatre artist and I utilize a lot of those skills as a swim coach (feel free to ask me how, and I can nerd out about it).

While I always aim for everyone to swim their fastest each week, I also focus a lot on technique. I want swimmers to understand the reasoning and benefits of any set they do, so they can be even more proud when it leads to better races. However, my greatest joy comes from the spirit side of summer swimming. If I look back on my memories as a swimmer, I couldn't tell you what my best times were, but I could tell you my favorite social event, the extravagant entrance we made for my senior meet, and that I lost my voice pretty much every Saturday and Wednesday. As a coach, I'm not quite as loud but I do lead by example to foster that kind of energy so everyone can have those lifelong incredible memories each summer. 


Everett McLaughlin  202-579-6355 [email protected]

Hi everyone, I am Everett McLaughlin, a 2024 graduate of Walt Whitman High School. I will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland this fall. I have been a Cuda since moving into Carderock in 2011 and I am extremely excited to be a junior coach this year. I love working hard, dropping time, improving form and cheering as loud as possible for my fellow Cudas. I swam and dove for the Walt Whitman Swim and Dive Team in high school and was honored to be part of the team that won states my junior year. I look forward to a fast and competitive swim season and l sharing my Cuda spirit with all of you!

Helen Rabley 240-779-3736 [email protected]

Hello! My name is Helen Rabley and I'm an upcoming senior at Whitman. This will be my first year as an assistant coach for the Cudas, and I look forward to this upcoming swim season! From my days as an 8 & under Cuda, to where I am now, I've grown to really love swimming over the summer, as well as in the winter. I swam for Sea Devils, ASA, Whitman Swim & Dive, and work as a swim instructor over the winter. Being a swim coach made me realize how much I love to work with kids, and see all of their progress over the season. I'm so excited to be back, whether it's coaching or swimming for the Cudas again this summer!

Kit Fleming 301-366-1686 [email protected]

Hi, I'm Kit! I'm a rising junior at UMD. I swam on a year-round team for 7 years, which all started with Cudas. I now swim on the UMD club team. This is my fourth year working as a coach. I have outside experience volunteering with the Special Olympics swim team, as well as experience from being on a club swim team. This team is what made me fall in love with swimming and I look forward to participating in it every year. I can’t wait for another great swim season!


Julie Bravo 240-281-8328 [email protected]

Hello everyone! My name is Julie Bravo. I will be a Second year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison next year (go badgers)! I have lived in the Carderock neighborhood my whole life and I have been swimming with the Cudas ever since I was a mini Cuda myself! This will be my fourth year coaching. I had so much fun coaching the last three years and seeing improvement in all of the swimmers. As a coach I strive to combine teaching the fundamentals of swimming such as stroke technique, blowing bubbles, and kicking with interactive games to ensure each lesson is as enjoyable and productive as it can be for the swimmers. I have so many fond memories with this pool and swim program and I can't wait to create more this summer! Here's to another amazing summer and swim season!


Chris McPhaul 301-908-0298 [email protected]

Hello! I am Chris McPhaul and I have been a swim coach for over 20 years. I am also the proud father of three former Cudas and helped officiate swim meets also for 20 years. I am currently a US Masters swim coach with L4 Swimming and the Montgomery Ancient Mariners.

I previously worked with a non-profit science association. For swim coaching experience, I was the head coach/coordinator of the winter swim program at Tuckahoe Recreation Club in McLean, VA for 14 years. In addition, I have coached with the legendary Coach John Flanagan’s Morning Masters swim group on a regular and occasional basis, as well as with the Capitol Sea Devils.

My overall swim coaching philosophy is to try my best to help each individual achieve their goals, whether it be fitness, stroke improvement, competition or something else. I truly enjoy working with all ages and abilities and I strive to provide a variety of workouts that help everyone. Practice sessions are always positive and often fun!

When I am not at the pool, you will likely find me playing pickleball or running on the Cabin John Trail—please join me anytime! 

Katie Long 301-335-5595 [email protected]

Hi! I am looking forward to being back for my eighth summer as a coach for the Cudas! During my time here I have been a coach for mini cudas, pre team, swim team, and Masters. I have loved every second of it and particularly enjoy helping swimmers gain confidence and give lessons to all ages from 0-90 year olds! I started with the Cudas twenty years ago on pre team and take pride in continuing the Cuda spirit, improving our swimmers, and making lasting memories every summer. Can’t wait to see you all in the water!


In addition to the coaches listed above, the following coaches are also available for private lessons.

Chris Lindstrom 202-961-1546 [email protected]

Hey everybody! My name's Chris Lindstrom, I’m a rising Junior at Whitman. I swam year around when I was younger, until I started Wrestling. Wrestling is my main sport but swimming will always be special to me. I’ve been a Cuda through and through since I was 6. I love this team and can’t wait for another amazing season! Coaching has been a family tradition, with all of my 3 older brothers being coaches in the past. I was an assistant mini cudas coach last year, and am excited to coach more this year. My favorite part about coaching is getting to know all the kids and watching them become part of the greatest swim team ever! When I’m not coaching, you may find me lifeguarding down at the pool. I’m at the pool a lot so if you see me down hesitate to say hi! GO CUDAS

Grace Shields 301-461-5198 [email protected]

Hi, I’m Grace Shields. I’m a rising senior at Walt Whitman High School. I have been swimming competitively since I was 6. This will be my 9th summer swimming for the Cudas since moving from New Jersey, and my 2nd year coaching. I have had experience on many different teams including RMSC and ASA. Previously I’ve worked as a counselor for summer fun, at the front desk, and as a mini-cuda and preteam coach. I’m excited to coach again this year and am looking forward to a great season!

June Tun 301-461-5100 [email protected]

Hi I am June Tun. I am 17 and a rising senior this summer. I have been swimming since I was three, and have had experience swimming competitively on the Sea Devils. This will be my 7th year swimming with the Cudas, and my 3rd year as a mini Cudas coach. I have previously worked at the front desk and been a lifeguard. Each summer I have made so many great memories on the team and look forward to it every summer. I can’t wait to coach this summer and look forward to having another fun season!

Lauren Long 301-906-2803 [email protected]

Hello my name is Lauren Long. I’m 21 and attending the University of Maryland. In previous years I have been an Assistant Coach and Head Coach of Mini Cudas and Preteam. Prior to that I worked as an hourly Coach. This will be my 6th year working at Carderock and my 18th as a cuda. I’m very experienced in teaching the fundamentals of water safety and stroke technique. It's been incredibly rewarding seeing swimmers progress from their first bubbles to competing in meets! If you are interested in private lessons the best way to reach me is via text at (301) 906-2803. I can’t wait for yet another great summer! Go Cudas! 

Rafi Hume 202-570-8387 [email protected]

Hi, my name is Rafi, I'm a rising sophomore at St. Albans, and I am super excited to start coaching for Carderock this summer! I have been swimming for the Cudas for around 8 summers and I also swim year-round at The Capital Sea Devils. Previously, I worked at the front desk at the pool and plan to lifeguard and coach this summer. I have always looked up to our older swimmers and coaches, and hopefully I can be a similar role model for younger swimmers!

Reese Long 301-760-9734 [email protected]

Hello, I'm Reese, and I just finished my first semester at the University of Michigan. I was on the team for sixteen years, all the way from mini cudas to my last summer as a swimmer in 2023. Coaching to me is such an important part of the team because my coaches were the reason I loved my summers. Having the opportunity to make the same impact now that I'm older is why I knew I had to return because even though I've graduated from the team. Carderock has always been my summer home, so I can't wait for the 2024 season! Go Cudas!

Richard Tun 301-461-4708 [email protected]

Hi, I'm Richard and I'm a rising sophomore at Whitman. I have been swimming since I was three years old and been a cuda since I was 8 years old. Throughout the years, swimming has really stuck with me and I have truly enjoyed it. Along the way, I've made so many memories and friends, something that I think all kids should experience in summer swimming. I'm genuinely excited to be a coach this summer and watch the next group of Cudas progress and make lifelong memories.

Sascha Hume 202-738-3029 [email protected]

Hey, I'm Sascha and I am a rising sophomore at Yale University. I have swum with the Cudas along with my two brothers for my whole life and am joining the team for my last elegible season this summer. I also swam for St. Albans' varsity team in high school. I started coaching Mini Cudas and Pre Team last year and had a blast, so I'm excited to do it again! It's cool to be on the other side of things now that I'm ageing out of swimming for the team. That being said, I'm still looking to swim fast and make the most of my last season! Go Cudas!

Teagan Long 240-644-3938 [email protected]

Hey, I'm Teagan and I'm a rising senior at the Academy of the Holy Cross. I've been swimming since 6 years old and every year for the Cudas. I've been a babysitter for the past 3 years and am Red-Cross certified. I loved swimming for Carderock every summer when I was younger and I'm so glad to be helping kids get the same experience. Can't wait for this season!

Vivienne van Leewen 202-313-8623 [email protected]

Hi! I'm Vivi and I am a rising junior at Whitman, I have been swimming since I was three, and this will be my 12th year swimming as a Cuda, and my 2nd year as a preteam and mini cudas coach. I previously worked at the front desk, and plan to also be lifeguarding this summer. Every summer I make so many great memories and I look forward to it and hope I can help the newest group of cudas have the same experiences as I have! I am so excited to coach this season and look forward to another great season!

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