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Swim Coaches & Private Lessons


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Ben Fleischer 

(301) 801-5426, b.fleischer2020@gmail.com

Ben has been around swimming and MCSL his entire life. He swam for the Lakelands Lionfish up through the 2021 season, during which he was a 19-year-old swimmer. He joined the coaching staff of the Lionfish in 2018 as a Junior Coach, then served as an Assistant Coach in 2019 and the Assistant Head Coach in 2021. Throughout his his high school career, Ben swam for the Quince Orchard High School swim team and, throughout his high school career, also worked during the summer and winter as an Assistant Coach for Joe Flaherty’s Dolphins. He graduated from QOHS in 2020 and is a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. Ben is double majoring in operations management and business analytics (OMBA) and information systems within the Smith School of Business and is also a part of the UMD Army ROTC program.

He has been known to bring the energy and spirit to his team every year, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to Carderock! Ben wants to create and foster a positive team environment that promotes teamwork, character, fitness, competitiveness and a pursuit of excellence. He wants everyone to have fun, work hard and reach beyond their goals.


Quentin Bilbao (301) 642-2272 bilbaoq@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Quentin, and I’m 19 years old. I started swimming for the Cudas when I was the age of 6. I am an avid community member of this pool and have spent the grand majority of my summers working, coaching, and enjoying my time at the club! Swimming has been a sport and activity that has remained consistent within my life. Instructing the younger generations of the cuda community is something I strive to continue doing! I have an abundance of experience in coaching: private running clinics, soccer lessons, and a variety of swim coaching lessons. By this point, I’ve been lifeguarding, instructing the Mini Cudas, and hosting private interactive swim lessons for three years! I have always loved being a part of the swim team community and continue to desire to share that enjoyment with the younger generations to come!

Halle Cho 240-506-6030, hallescho@icloud.com

Hi! I’m Halle and I am 19 years old. I finished my final season as a Cuda last summer, but I’m so excited to serve another season as an assistant coach! Being part of the Carderock community is most definitely the best part of my summer every year. I swam year round for RMSC all throughout middle school while also playing soccer for Bethesda. I was on both sports teams at Whitman, and served as a captain on soccer for 2 years! Upon graduating from Whitman, I have spent the last year in Baltimore to study Computer Engineering at Hopkins. Although I’m not too far from home, I’ve missed Carderock more than I ever could’ve predicted. I’m looking forward to spending my summer at home and meeting all of the new members of the Cuda family!

Rena Van Leeuwen (240) 855-4902 rena.vanleeuwen@iCloud.com

Hi! I’m Rena, I’m 18 years old and I’ll be a freshman in college this coming fall. I’ve been a part of the Cudas since I was 4 and it’s the best part of my summer every year! I did winter swim with SDS throughout elementary school and middle school while also doing summer swim. Previously I’ve worked as a counselor for sports camps and for Summer Fun. I also babysit throughout the neighborhood and have lifeguarded at the pool for the past three years. Super excited for the upcoming season!


Lauren Long (301) 906-2803 long.lauren.m@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Lauren Long. I’m 19, and I am the Head Coach for our mini Cuda and pre-team programs. I started swimming for Carderock when I was 4 and have been on the team every summer since. I also swam for my high school team, Stone Ridge. Additionally, I played four years of varsity softball. I also played volleyball in high school. I currently attend Drexel University in Philadelphia where I play rugby. This will be my fifth year coaching and my second year as Head Mini-Cudas Coach. Returning to Carderock to work with our youngest swimmers is the highlight of my summer, and I’m beyond excited to hop back in the pool and be back with the kids! I can't wait to welcome a new generation of Cudas to the team! 


Isabella Bravo 240-281-3798, bravoisabella79@gmail.com

Hi! My name is Isabella Bravo and I am 19 years old and I am one Masters' coaches for 2022! I currently am a rising Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I’ve been swimming with the carderock cudas since I was 4 years old. I also swam competitively in the winter from when I was 8 up until I was about 14 with SDS. I am now going into my fifth year working with the swim team and my first year a Masters' coach! On top of the swim team I have also been a counselor at camp carderock this past summer, babysat for multiple years and worked as a lifeguard at carderock. I cannot wait for another summer of coaching and am excited what this season will bring!

Chris McPhaul (301) 908-0298 cmcphaul1@yahoo.com

Hello! I am Chris McPhaul and I have been a swim coach for nearly 20 years. I am also the proud father of three former Cudas and helped officiate swim meets for 20 years. I am currently a US Masters swim coach with L4 Swimming and the Montgomery Ancient Mariners.

I previously worked for a non-profit science association for just under 30 years. For swim coaching experience, I was the head coach/coordinator of the winter swim program at Tuckahoe Recreation Club in McLean, VA for 14 years. In addition, I have coached with the legendary Coach John Flanagan’s Masters swim group on a regular and occasional basis for the past several years, as well as with the Capitol Sea Devils.

My overall swim coaching philosophy is to try my best to help each individual achieve their goals, whether it be fitness, stroke improvement, competition or something else. I truly enjoy working with all ages and abilities and I strive to provide a variety of workouts that help everyone. Practice sessions are always positive and often fun!

When I am not at the pool, you will likely find me running on the Cabin John Trail—please join me anytime! After a brief hiatus the past two summers, I am beyond thrilled to be returning to coach the Masters group at Carderock!


In addition to the coaches listed above, the following coaches are also available for private lessons.

Sadie Bilbao (719) 425- 5108 bilbaosadie@gmail.com

Hi I’m Sadie. I’m 16 years old and a rising junior at Walt Whitman High School. I’ve been swimming for Carderock since I was 4 and have made so many memories on the team. I look forward to being part of the new memories of the team and making this season a good one.

Julietta Bravo (240) 281-8328 juliettabravo@icloud.com

Hi! My name is Julietta Bravo. I am a rising senior at Walt Whitman High School. I have been swimming with Carderock ever since I can remember. I have also worked as a camp counselor for camp Carderock and as a CIT for summer fun! I also babysit for many families, some of which live in the neighborhood. This will be my second year coaching. I had so much fun coaching last year and seeing improvement in all of the swimmers. I can’t wait for another amazing swim season!

Alexander Cirivello (240) 994-8004

Hi, I'm Alexander Cirivello. I'm 16 years old and will be a rising junior starting this summer. I have been competitively swimming for 11 years and enjoy water sports as a whole whether it be sailing, rowing, or surfing. I have always been good with kids younger than me, as I've partaken in many leadership roles helping and supporting them through my previous 5 years in boy scouts and other less professional fashions. I am very exuberant for the upcoming summer and look forward to working with everyone. Looking forward to making new memories while coaching.

Kit Fleming 301-366-1686 saskitf@gmail.com

Hi, I'm Kit! I'm a rising sophomore at UMD. I swam on a year-round team for 7 years, which all started with Cudas. I now swim on the UMD club team. This is my fourth year working as a coach. I have outside experience volunteering with the Special Olympics swim team, as well as experience from being on a club swim team. This team is what made me fall in love with swimming and I look forward to participating in it every year. I can’t wait for another great swim season!

Jack Fleming (301-906-3478) jack2007orange@gmail.com

My name is Jack Fleming, and I am a rising sophomore at Walt Whitman High School. I've been swimming since I was 4, and swimming or diving with the Carderock Cudas since I was 7 years old. I enjoy surfing, windsurfing, and all watersports. l feel a deep connection to this team and the swim club having been in it for the wide majority of my life. I have had experience on other swim teams including Aulea in Hawaii for two years, and the YMCA Hammerheads for one year but my heart belongs to the Cudas!

Nathan Hackel (858) 248-5637 nathan.hackel@gmail.com

Hi, my name’s Nathan Hackel. I’m 18 years old and a will be a freshman at Virginia Tech next year! From the age of nine to twelve, I swam competitively for a swim team in Okinawa, Japan. When I moved to Tampa, Florida in 2016 I began playing for a club water polo team. There I was able to help coach Aquatikids, a program that taught children ages 5-9 how to swim and play water polo. In Tampa, I was also lucky enough to be coached by two Olympians in personal swim lessons. In the four years that I have been living in Carderock, I’ve been part of Whitman’s vasity water polo club and swim team and played year-round water polo on the Capital water polo team. This past season I was a Captain of Whitman’s water polo club and plan to play club waterpolo in college next year. I’m very excited to coach this season and look forward to a great summer with the Cudas!

Timothy Lindstrom (202) 961-1547 tjlindstrom21@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Tim. I’m 16 years old and will be a rising junior this summer. I’ve been a part of the Cudas for longer than I can remember and I’m really excited to finally be a part of our coaching team. I know it’s going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to meet all our new future Cudas, here’s to a great season!

Everett McLaughlin 202 579 6355 everett.j.mclaughlin2@gmail.com

Hi, my name’s Everett McLaughlin. I’m 16 years old and a rising junior at Walt Whitman High School. I have swum with the Cudas for 9 years now and spent a winter swimming for ASA with my sister (Ida McLaughlin). While I swam for ASA I was under the instruction of Coach Chris S who helped me improve my technique. In addition, I spent the winter of 2021/22 swimming for coach Chris on the Whitman swim team. I have previously spent summers volunteering at summer fun, working at the front desk and as a volunteer mini cudas coach. I’m very excited to coach this season and look forward to meeting all the new cudas.

Rhys Shields (301) 520-2710 Rhys.Shields04@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Rhys Shields. I am 17 years old and am going to be a freshman in college this fall. I have been swimming competitively since I was 8 years old and this will be my 7th year with the Cudas since moving from New Jersey. I also swam for Whitman and continue to swim year-round as a member of the Advanced Seniors Group with RMSC. I previously placed third in the MCSL coaches long course meet and hold age group records for the Cudas. I have worked as a counselor for Summer Fun, helped with Mini-Cudas, and given private lessons. I am excited to be a coach this season and look forward to having a great season!

June Tun (301) 461-5100

Hi my name is June, I am 15 and a rising sophomore this summer. I have been swimming since I was 3 and this will be my 5th year swimming for the Cudas. I have made so many great memories on the team and look forward to it every summer. I swam year-round all throughout elementary and middle school. I can't wait to start coaching this summer.

Zahava Van Leeuwen (240) 498-1696 zahava.vanleeuwen@iCloud.com

Hi I’m Zahava, and I am 18 years old, a will be a freshman in college this upcoming fall. This will be my 14th year swimming for the Cudas, and my fourth year working as a coach for the Cudas. I’ve loved summer swim since I started, being able to swim and take part in team activities with my friends and family throughout the summer. I’m so excited to be a coach again this swim season, and excited for a great season!


All lifeguard-certified swim & dive coaches are available for private lessons. Rates for swim and dive lessons are set by the club. Private lessons are an arrangement between the member and the coach. We highly recommend texting coaches to make an inquiry or book a lesson (vs. email). Fees should be paid at the time of booking or at the time of the lesson, as agreed upon with the coach. Coaches accept Venmo, Cash, and Check. Venmo is preferred. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are subject to the full fee. Please reach out directly to the coach of your choice to arrange private lessons.

We also plan to have blocks of time, outside of regular pool hours, specifically set aside for lessons. You can ask a coach to join you at any of these times. 

Click for more info on how to schedule lessons. 

You pay the coach directly at the time of the lesson via check, cash, or Venmo. Venmo preferred. Any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the full fee being charged. In the event of inclement weather, your coach will reach out to reschedule your lesson.

1 person private lesson, $30 for ½ hr. $60 for 1 hr.

2 person semi-private lesson, $40 for ½ hr ($20 for each participant). $70 for one hour ($35 for each participant)

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